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Community Emergency Response Teams



Prior to an emergency, CERT members are expected to have an awareness of their own neighborhoods, and to pre-determine possible evacuation sites that will facilitate effective, safe, and rapid response to emergencies.

During a major emergency where first responders are unable to respond immediately, CERT Members, after first assuring the safety of themselves and family, are expected to:

  • Assume a leadership role
  • Assess situations and properly advise emergency responders when they arrive
  • Recognize the potential hazards associated with a particular type of event and take appropriate action
  • Take steps to get to safety and/or help others to do so in an organized fashion
  • Help identify staging areas for operations and triage
  • Help identify, organize, and utilize local resources
  • Assist others with the emotional distress associated with major emergencies and disaster conditions
  • Administer first aid and/or triage casualties
  • Perform needs assessments, document your findings, and communicate needs to local authorities
  • Support effective and efficient allocation of emergency resources



CERT members are activated:

  • By an authorized county official
  • By an authorized municipal official within that respective municipality
  • Themselves in the event of a major disaster where first responders are delayed or unable to respond (but only after attempting to alert emergency personnel).


On-going Participation

CERT members are expected to assist their neighborhood on an on-going basis by:

  • Preparing individuals and organizations in the neighborhood to take care of themselves in the event of a disaster by providing or facilitating education about emergency preparedness
  • Helping neighbors and the community in the event of a disaster
  • Researching and taking advantage of opportunities to enhance emergency preparedness and disaster skills
  • Participating willingly in community events, drills, and the training of others
  • Participating in periodic team meetings to organize and maintain activities